Our Capabilities


Development is our core capability and one that has evolved harmoniously with the firm. To us, development is about much more than creating new spaces — it’s about creating new communities that, through organic growth, become something more than they were. More livable. More shoppable. More accessible.

Committed to developing solutions that forge long-lasting, positive relationships, we are absolutely aware of the importance of maintaining a sense of respect, deal after deal, project after project.

For development inquiries, contact Sarah Scheffel at 617-603-5473


Guided by creativity, our new urban and lifestyle projects take an inspired approach to leasing and merchandising. They deftly mix residential alongside (or above) retail with high-quality restaurant and entertainment components. We strive to reach a productive and exciting balance between strong national and local retailers, and restaurateurs.

Perfect for businesses looking for flexible and inspiring spaces to call home, our office leasing options can accommodate workforces (and aspirations) of nearly any size.

For retail leasing inquiries, contact Sabrina Sandberg, VP of Marketing & Merchandising at or 617 603 5429

For office leasing inquiries, contact Peter Sougarides at 617 603 5426

For residential leasing inquiries, visit the specific property site. 

Property Management

Our asset and property management team manages all day-to-day operations, contract administration, lease administration coordination and planning aspects for our current 14-property portfolio.

For asset management inquiries, contact Geoff Kahl at 617 603 5417

If you are currently a commercial tenant of Samuels & Associates and would like assistance, contact Kristy Partlow 617 603 5470